Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

Expectations and Outcomes

As an IUPUI SITE student, you will:

    • Meet new people
    • Try new experiences
    • Be treated as an adult
    • Assume the responsibilities of a young adult / college student
    • Learn your way around the IUPUI campus and the city of Indianapolis
    • Get involved in campus activities
    • Audit college classes
    • Ride IndyGo busses all over the city
    • Do community service and volunteer work
    • Improve your career skills
    • Actively pursue employment
    • GROW UP!

As a result of IUPUI SITE, you will become a young adult who is:

    • Confident
    • Independent
    • Self-reliant
    • Mature
    • More experienced
    • Able to navigate and get to desired locations around the city
    • Able to create and manage a weekly schedule
    • More competent at budgeting and managing money
    • Busy with a variety of weekly routines and activities
    • A person with a social network and new friends
    • A competent employee