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Going to college is a common experience for young adults.  Its purpose is to facilitate the transition to a successful, productive adulthood.  This is accomplished not only through academic coursework, but also through the rich learning experiences that campus and student life offers.  Attending college has not been an option for most high school students with intellectual disabilities…until now.  

IUPUI offers a 1-2 year campus-based transition program for a small cohort of students with intellectual disabilities ages 18-22 in partnership with Indianapolis Public Schools.  This program is called SITE – Skills for Independence, Transition, and Employment.  And IUPUI is the perfect fit for this initiative with its deep commitment to diversity and urban education.  SITE students are not working toward a college degree, but they are, like every other IUPUI student, learning skills that will result in self-reliance, employment, and a fulfilling adult life.

As a member of our campus, you have the opportunity to partner with us in this initiative, from being a welcoming course instructor to providing an internship or employment for a SITE student.  Or maybe you are student who can be mentor in a class or a campus activity.  …Or a student leader who can offer a role or membership to a SITE student in your club or campus event.  …Or a student on work/study who is interested in working with us.  There are so many possibilities.  Check it out and join us!

IUPUI Statement of Values

IUPUI is committed to the personal and professional development of a diverse campus community of students, faculty, and staff; to continuous improvement of its programs and services; and to building a strong, welcoming campus community for all.

IUPUI Mission Statement

IUPUI promotes the educational, cultural, and economic development of central Indiana and beyond through innovative collaborations, external partnerships, and a strong commitment to diversity.