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Work/Study Opportunities

“I am a graduate social work student in a work/study position with the SITE Program 15-20 hours each week.  I have gained a lot of really valuable experience in this job, like leading group meetings and utilizing campus and community resources. ”

--Work/Study Student

Does the opportunity to be a part of a cutting edge educational initiative excite you? Are you passionate about social justice, community diversity, and personal growth? Are you an IUPUI student who is eligible for work/study? Are you interested in gaining valuable experience in human resources, education, social work or a related field? Do you want to work with IUPUI students who have disabilities?

Resources of Interest

Work Study Application

The IUPUI SITE Program has Work/Study opportunities for IUPUI students.  SITE work/study students are a part of our instructional team providing education, social networking, community and class support.

Interested?  Contact one of the following:

Maggie Brown
317-679-3293 (cell)

Laura Miller
TBD **
317-946-4641 (cell)