Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis

What Parents Say

Tyler's Story

"I really did appreciate the IUPUI SITE program and so did Tyler.  I was nervous at first knowing that Tyler would be riding the bus system to get to IUPUI.  But, as I saw his confidence and knowledge of all the bus routes grow, I felt very comfortable with Tyler being able to get most anywhere that he needed to go.  By being a part of this program I saw Tyler become more responsible and mature.  I feel that this opportunity to be with other students of the same age and with some similar learning challenges, along with adult guidance and some peer interaction with the college students, was a perfect transition for Tyler from the challenges of being accepted in high school to participating in college classes and being a part of a more accepting environment.  Tyler is not always comfortable trying new things, but when done with other peers who may also have the same issues, Tyler was doing things and going places that I would never have thought were in his comfort range.  These experiences allowed him to show his knowledge and build his confidence.  

Working with finances, attending classes regularly, being on time, filling out paperwork, job applications and many other daily life skills, all necessary for functioning in the "real" world, were things that Tyler needed and accomplished with the help of the IUPUI SITE staff.  It was good to know that he was being helped by people who understand these students and understand their difficulties and the challenges they may face in becoming a part of the "grown-up" world. 

IUPUI SITE gave Tyler the needed time to grow and mature in a structured, adult environment.  This gave me more hope that with patience, more maturity, and the help from those people who are familiar with job opportunities for young people like Tyler, he will be a productive and responsible member of the workforce and society."

--Debbie, Tyler's mother

"Despite many skilled and generous teachers, our two sons -- and their parents -- were not ready and not realistic about life after school. IUPUI-SITE led us into the (ongoing) transition to adulthood with a few tight life skill goals, creativity and some "tough love" entailing real risks and consequences that led to real learning and changing -- for parents also.  Our one son who couldn't be trusted to cross a street safely now proudly busses independently to two part-time jobs.  I doubt we would have achieved or even attempted this much independence without SITE, and our son continues to add independent activities to his weekly routines.

IUPUI is a stimulating and still somewhat sheltered environment loaded with social benefits.  SITE students have a chance to mature in some of the same ways that college students mature during those years, among their same-age peers.  A taste of the college experience has motivated our second son and is helping to orient him in the work decisions he's now facing.  The IUPUI-SITE staff have been very flexible in responding to his needs AND desires.  He eats up being treated as an adult and is gradually recognizing and assuming adult responsibilities, as possible.

IUPUI-SITE both raised our sights and demonstrated some very concrete ways to move our kids into a happier adult life. We're grateful for the crucial help."

--Nancy Connor and Glenn Halberstadt