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In 2000, a group of people came together to turn into reality their shared vision of an innovative transition education for students with intellectual disabilities off site from a high school building.  The result of this endeavor is the IUPUI SITE Program and several of the original visionaries continue to be deeply involved in key roles:  Dr. Pat Rogan, IUPUI Professor, Special Education/Urban Teacher Education and Gwen Chesterfield, Educational Consultant and IUPUI SITE Co-Coordinator. 

IUPUI SITE began in 2006 as a 1 year “dual enrollment” program for IPS students with intellectual disabilities in their final years of eligibility for special education services from public school.  This SITE program is fully funded by IPS and staffed by IPS employees that include two teachers, job coach, and instructional assistants serving a cohort of 16-18 IPS students.  By design, there is no SITE classroom.  The campus and city are the educational settings in which students learn key skills necessary for successfully transition from school to their adult life.  

IUPUI SITE began expansion to interested students of townships surrounding Indianapolis in 2011, a result of The IUPUI School of Education being awarded a federal grant as part of the Transition and Postsecondary Programs for Students with Intellectual Disabilities initiative under the Higher Education Act of 2008.  Also a “dual enrollment” program, this second phase of IUPUI SITE differs from the IPS model, due in part to serving a cohort of 8-10 students coming from multiple school districts. Prospective students apply for the IUPUI SITE Program in December of their final year of high school.  Upon acceptance into the program, these incoming IUPUI SITE students enroll in IPS

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